Sidharth Singh Brand Applications by Sidharth Singh

Includes Mockups and Applications of the explored brand identity. This is somehow the extension of the visual language of the brand identity.

20 Shots


World Sufi Forum | Application Design

October 17, 2019

Application Design for WSF, a global forum for peace, tolerance and unconditional love. . For more details, check the link below . Agency : BOD, New Delhi, India Client :...

Title-less Logo 11 (Application)

October 09, 2019

Another application for Title-less logo 11. An extension of its visual language, even if the identity is sophisticated, the visual language carries a sense of simplicity to put the focus on the details of the identity.

Title-less Logo 11 (Application)

October 09, 2019

Application for the previous shared concept of an identity based on a thread spool for a textile brand.

Yash Pack | Rebranding (rejected)

October 05, 2019

A small visualisation of the visual design for the brand applications . Yash Pack (earlier Yash Papers) is an UP, India based packaging and food boxes provider. The work was commissioned for them in collaboration with BOD, New Delhi but ...

DailyHunt | App Design Exploration

September 27, 2019

iOS app information and design exploration for the recent rebranding competition for DailyHunt news app. The designs were not selected nor finalised, but had the joy to explore the app ui for this.

Nutty Gritties | Packaging for Limited Edition Packs

September 25, 2019

Concept Design made for Nutty Gritties Limited Edition packs. The second shot is the supply packaging boxes design proposed to Nutty Gritties.

Title-less Logo 10 | Notebook Application

September 24, 2019

Extension of visual for the title-less logo 10, the notebook was conceptualised with the cover of a bagasse material. Just a small visual style extension for the previous option.

Aaradhya | Branding (Membership Card)

September 19, 2019

Gold Membership card for Aaradhya Jewellers.