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  1. 28 Oct
    Slava Beskrovniy
    Commented on Plane

    @Johnson Thanks! Glad and appreciate hearing that :)

  2. 23 Oct
    Slava Beskrovniy
    Commented on Documents 5 iOS6/iOS7

    @Vitalik Sheptuhin Круто, рад что нравится :)

  3. 8 Oct
    Slava Beskrovniy
    Commented on [NEW] Character Create Flow

    @Miguel Angel Durán I see.
    But why not show how the costume and character changes while choosing from classes and path as it was in previous version?
    Also the point, that you can navigate through steps in any order seems a bit weird, because why make it step-by-step then? :)
    I mean, if I choose a race and a genre, can I customize my character and then pick the class? Or vice versa, I know which class and path I want to play, but not sure with race and genre, will I be able to choose them and then click between second and fifth steps without reseting my class/path chooses?
    I think we have enough screen space nowadays to show almost all options at the same time (except customisation details). Just wondering the reasons :)