1. Blurr Series - Creator Dashboard dashboard card blur gradient gradient bar progress chart clean 3d illustration illustration 3d simple minimal blur app mobile ux design ui design ux ui
    View Blurr Series - Creator Dashboard
    Blurr Series - Creator Dashboard
  2. Skillalley – Dashboard UI 3d design ui kit app web app web timeline minimal clean gradient blur card isometric illustration 3d illustration 3d dashboard ux design ui design ux ui
    Skillalley – Dashboard UI
  3. #Exploration - Bookmark App typography bold clean animation motion gif principle interaction mode light dark tags card bookmark ux ui app desktop web
    View #Exploration - Bookmark App
    #Exploration - Bookmark App
  4. Blurr_ Animation menu spacing fonts web design website scrolling after effect animated animation typography gradient design web app web interactive interaction ux design ui design ux ui
    View Blurr_ Animation
    Blurr_ Animation
  5. How to Create a Glass-Effect Card: Guide freebie figma banking glass glass card identity branding card guide graphic halo lab halo colorful
    How to Create a Glass-Effect Card: Guide
  6. Dashboard Account Design for FinTech / Banking Website analytics stats graph ui timeline web app app design dashboard
    View Dashboard Account Design for FinTech / Banking Website
    Dashboard Account Design for FinTech / Banking Website
  7. Job App UI & Icon Exploration illustration topic mobile category settings profile articles icons platform discussion job cards exploration ui ios app 3d
    View Job App UI & Icon Exploration
    Job App UI & Icon Exploration
  8. Flight Booking user inteface clean ui search header website flight booking app book hotel rent a car flight search flight booking flight app landing page branding user experience typography product design clean ui-ux ux ui
    View Flight Booking
    Flight Booking
  9. Dating app—Data and stats screens layout design color mobile ui branding mobile app mobile typography
    View Dating app—Data and stats screens
    Dating app—Data and stats screens
  10. Docket note (Side menu) webdesign app design micro interaction web app application project desktop app to do list clean ui component side menu design minimal note sticky note motion animation dashboard ux ui
    View Docket note (Side menu)
    Docket note (Side menu)
  11. DSM – Hero Header v3 blur gradient dark theme dark minimal clean illustration design illustration navigation bar geometric geometry typography color design system landing page hero header ux design ui design ux ui
    View DSM – Hero Header v3
    DSM – Hero Header v3
  12. Quick Search field interactive input hint user experience ux ui design auto complete search engine quick find mp4 fintech animation navigation search bar search result quick access quick search search
    View Quick Search
    Quick Search
  13. Play with Magic Motion auto animate hover gradient web micro interaction blender prototyping prototype magic motion gif shapes 3d interaction video animation button play framer
    Play with Magic Motion
  14. Dmm_ user interface wireframe color flat illustration illustration website web app app web chart analytics earning payment card campaign dashboard ux design ui design ui ux
    View Dmm_
  15. lucicons badge graph images chat copy pin cloud flash frosted glass frosted translucent iconset vector iconography icons illustration icon
    View lucicons
  16. 📅 Meeting Modal Creator schedule dark application productdesign interface color desktop popover modal popup creator dashboard date picker event reminder calendar meeting ux ui
    📅 Meeting Modal Creator
  17. Teacher Availability Calendar e-learning education timeline agenda ui widelab clean overview visual feed navigation menu english learning platform tracker schedule calendar availability dashboard
    View Teacher Availability Calendar
    Teacher Availability Calendar
  18. fintech: dashboard user interface application app design app fintech finance user interface dashboad
    fintech: dashboard user interface
  19. Cards - White UI popup modal slider input event app web dashboard share checklist to do picker design system upload notifications tasks settings calendar ux ui
    View Cards - White UI
    Cards - White UI
  20. Course web app dashboard learning illustrations desktop application app design activity resources tools performance design planner task progress meeting courses minimal clean ui ux ui web app
    View Course web app
    Course web app
  21. iPay - Mobile App Concept cards ux design ui design onboarding card bank payment pay chart minimal clean 3d illustration 3d illustration concept app mobile app mobile ux ui
    View iPay - Mobile App Concept
    iPay - Mobile App Concept
  22. Dmm_ character blog news design resource sidebar illustration typography web app app minimal clean card wireframe web white black ux design ui design ux ui
  23. Smart Calendar App task to-do list productivity calendar candy blur glass stats chart graph cards dashboard gradient app icons ios
    View Smart Calendar App
    Smart Calendar App
  24. TaskEz: Productivity App iOS UI Kit dashboard chart card 3d model 3d 3d illustration illustration onboarding task management task productivity mobile app app mobile dark theme dark ux design ui design ux ui
    TaskEz: Productivity App iOS UI Kit
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