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  1. Paolo Spazzini Paolo Spazzini Pro

  2. InVision InVision Team Jack Daly Jack Daly Pro

  3. ueno. ueno. Team Romain Briaux Romain Briaux

  4. Unfold Unfold Team Eddie Lobanovskiy Eddie Lobanovskiy Pro

  5. Walid Beno Walid Beno Pro

  6. Yoga Perdana Yoga Perdana Pro

  7. Sochnik Sochnik Team Zhenya Rynzhuk Zhenya Rynzhuk Pro

  8. Balkan Brothers Balkan Brothers Team Filip Justić Filip Justić Pro

  9. Jonathan Schubert Jonathan Schubert Pro

  10. Liquidink Design Liquidink Design Team ranganath krishnamani ranganath krishnamani Pro

  11. MUTI MUTI Pro

  12. Jonathan Schubert Jonathan Schubert Pro

  13. The Furrow The Furrow Team Seth Eckert Seth Eckert Pro

  14. crisscross crisscross Team Stéphane Gibert Stéphane Gibert Pro

  15. Steve Wolf Steve Wolf Pro

  16. Alana Louise Alana Louise Pro

  17. Ramotion Ramotion Team

  18. Patswerk Patswerk Pro

  19. green chameleon green chameleon Team Nathan Riley Nathan Riley Pro

  20. Avocode Avocode Team Jan Vu Nam Jan Vu Nam Pro

  21. Sujeet Mishra Sujeet Mishra

  22. Outcrowd Outcrowd Pro

  23. Cuberto Cuberto Team

  24. Radesign Radesign Team TenneyTang TenneyTang Pro

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