Matt McDonald

the DONUT Brand Identity Manual

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The DONUT is an Austin-based startup with a mission to change the way people feel about news. An acronym for "Dose Of News Useful Today", the product is a daily newsletter that delivers media-fact-checked 360-degree views on current events to expose bias and empower people to form their own opinions about what’s happening in the world. The DONUT also features positive news stories each day to remind people that there’s a lot of good going on and frequently partners with local charity orgs and non-profits to make it easy for readers to give back to their communities.

As VP of Design & Co-Founder, I had the pleasure of working alongside my teammates to define a visual strategy that would attract our audience to the best of it's ability. Geared primarily towards females between the ages of 18-45, the brand boasts fun and bold colors, clean typography, lots of whitespace, and playful iconography.

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