Stanley Yang

Sweet soup ball

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Sweet soup ball food icon cartoon loveui

湯圓, sweet soup ball, is a traditional Chinese food. "湯" means soup, and could also mean "hot water", so I drew a sweet soup ball having a bath, in a bowl, of course.

The Chinese character on both sides means "wish you have a good career and dreams come ture in the new year". Wish you like it :)

This is a homework of LOVEUI.CN actually, which was finished several weeks ago. I'd like to thank all the wonderful designers from the LOVEUI chat group sincerely, for your excellent advice, generous sharing, and inviting me here.

因为汤圆的“汤”字也有“热水”的意思,所以我画了一个正在洗澡的汤圆——“快到我碗里来,裸体!”。希望大家喜欢 :)


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