Good for Sale

Stoked to finally share my first Shirt i'm selling!

This shirt is available for PRE-ORDER and will only be available for purchase for 5 days only, after that, I'm shutting it down, so if you want one, you have till Midnight Tuesday!

Heres the story behind the illustration:

Life is Beautiful, but it’s not free from struggles and pain.

As we grow, we go through struggles of all sorts. Sometimes; growing can feel like death, especially when things wear and tear at your soul.

In the end, when it’s all said and done, I’m going to be okay; even though in the now, I don’t always feel okay. There is Hope.


There is beauty within the chaos. In the in-between. Outside. Inside. All Around, there is beauty to be found in the struggle and through the pain.

This design means a lot to me because of the story it holds. I hope you can relate to it as I have. I hope it encourages you and reminds you to keep on and find the beauty within the messiness of life.

Brett Wilbanks
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