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We just released And a brand new logo and identity comes with it. I've been working with Omada Health for the last 6 months. Since I started freelancing I've gotten to work with very intelligent teams on outstanding products. Omada Health holds a different place in my heart. Omada Health designs evidence-based online programs that inspire lifestyle change and prevent disease. Currently we're tackling diabetes prevention, which is how I hooked up with Omada Health to start with. Half of my family/relatives have type-2 diabetes, and it's so easy to catch it early and prevent it. And Omada is on the forefront of doing exactly this by simply designing a beautiful, thoughtful and genuine system to help at risk population to prevent diabetes.

Anyway, long story short, I designed a website, Omada team built it, and it makes people's lives better and solves a set of real problems humans deal with.

There are many things in the pipeline that we're working on, information architecture of the site, content adjustments, responsive layouts, retina ready assets, I can go on. What you're seeing right now is a good foundation to build upon. Keep that in mind before giving me your extremely useful, constructive feedback.

I also want to give a bunch of credit to the talented Omada Health team, Ray Urena for his illustrations and Paula Chang for introducing me to Omada team and being an awesome designer.

Anyway, if you read it this far, thanks for reading. If not, thanks for being a lazy dribbbler.

Edit: I'm also happy to announce that Omada raised a $4.7MM funding by a group of passionate investors as of this morning. Read more about it on Gigaom and/or TechCrunch.

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