Yova Large Print

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The large print we did for Yova builds on the core elements of the brand we’ve previously established. With that in mind, we set off to create a balance between the “nature” and “investment props” categories, in order to create a balance between all aspects of Yova’s business models and target groups, and bring the message full circle. This approach enabled us to communicate Yova’s message of sustainable investing in a comprehensive, but simple manner – we’re crafty that way.

Who turned off the sky?

Leaving the sky-scape out of the nature-oriented photographs gives them a special flavor. More importantly, it forms a distinctive bond between the logo elements; leaving Yova with a foundation they’ll be using to continue building their brand in the years to come.

Speaking of years to come, you won’t have to wait that long for our next shot. So, don’t go anywhere – unless you really have to. But don’t go too far, ‘cause we’ll be posting some medium print goodness soon.

Art direction: Petar Stojakovic
Branding: Marko Ivanovic
Web design: Petar Stojakovic
Motion: Nebojsa Jurcic
Writer: Lex Molnar

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