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Playing around with an updated look for the Equal & Opposite logo real quick. It's not finished, but I figured I'd share part of my process as well as highlight some of the more obvious elements of the logogram...

My Basic Criteria:
• Must work on multiple scales (of course);
• Still simple enough to be cut easily as a stencil;
• Not overly different from current logogram;
• "Geometrically balanced;"
• Pull double duty as both Equal & Opposite (=&-) mark and Grey Jay monogram...

I'm using loose grids based around the golden ratio, circles sized in relation to the fibonacci sequence, the vesica piscis (red guides), and harmonic properties of page layout as applied to a single square art board (cyan guides).

Inspiration is coming from Adrian Frutiger's Univers 59 letterforms and modern versions of East Asian logographic characters. Basically, for my reference point, I've been trying to imagine the mark as a piece of an unknown logographic alphabet (alien Kanji... sure?) as designed by Frutiger... something utilitarian looking but not too hard—a mix of Swiss and modern Japanese style possibly—but I also wanted to give the impression of movement and depth (without it being some beveled trash), so I gave the cross bars a simple shearing.

As a side note, it constantly frustrates me that dribbble images must always in the 4:3 aspect ratio when I have been having so much fun designing on square art boards lately. Square(ish) GIF is attached.

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