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Authomator is my first application for BlackBerry 10.

2 Factor Auth (or 2-Step-Verification as Google calls it) helps keep your online accounts secure. Instead of just entering a Password you will need an additional generated security code every time you login on supported websites like Dropbox, Facebook or GMail.

Why BB10?

Late last year I got in contact with a developer who was looking to collaborate on BlackBerry 10 Apps. At that time I didn't even know about BlackBerry 10, but I'm open minded and was excited to try something new. I'm still working on content for iOS and Android but getting to know a third mobile platform can never hurt.

New terms, new paradigms, new guidelines and best practices. Several revisions of ui guidelines and barely any design discussion on BB10 content made it tricky to get a grip of everything. Knowing iOS has definitely helped.

No UITabBar, no Activity View Controller, no Notification Center. Action Bar, Action Menu and Active Frame instead. No need for regular assets and @2x assets but I have to make sure that my layout will work in 720*1280px and 720*720px.

It's an exciting change to work on BlackBerry 10 Applications. The OS might not be as polished as iOS but it's fluent as hell and fun to use.


Unrelated note: Sorry to Ampeross, I know that I promised you a desktop rebound a few months ago. I'll start working on it as soon as I find the time.

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