Oxfos Logo Design

Working on a new logo for a personal trainer at the moment.

The name of the company will be 'oxfos' which originates from oxphos (a cellular action that occurs during aerobic respiration).

Oxphos creates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is basically the energy we need to make cells function and all that jazz.

Oxfos will offer more than just personal training though. Clients will have blood samples taken for analysis in the lab and a whole host of other tests done as well, so it will be quite scientific.

As a result I've gone for a fairly sciencey look and feel to the logo. The symbols below the text is are a simplified version of ATP. Adenosine is the hexagon, due to its molecular structure, and the 3 phosphates are represented by the circles.

Any thoughts on it so far? I'm not overly sold on my font choice here but this is very much still a WIP.

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