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Hey guys!
Did you know, that in Africa there are still a lot of places, in which people spend 1-2 days to get to the nearest bank? We were not surprised - we expected something like that, but still, it was a bit shocking to really understand and imagine.
But! A mobile phone is much more common. So, what if to place the most important bank services into a phone? And mix it with a blockchain? Profit! It would save days of traveling, prevent a lot of stress and open banking for people, which didn’t really have access to it before.
That’s what Pesabase basically does.
Pesabase is a startup, which is redefining remittance, transaction and financial transactions in South Africa. It ties people together with their relatives and family under an easy to use website and mobile app.
In this post, we will show only a part of the project: external pages of the site.
More coming in the next posts :)
The task was to design easy to use, clean interface in a tech style, mixed with African classical motives. Check our work and let us know if that worked ;)

Looking forward to reading your feedback!

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Posted on Feb 4, 2020
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