Concept Design — OS

Every OS concept I see out there ends up deprioritizing a part that I believe sometimes matters the most, personality.

I work with some hardcore android users (I know) and it’s refreshing to see how personal their phones look. From themes packs to icon sets their phones are a full reflection of themselves, much more than an iPhone can be of you and me.

Anyway, with that in mind and a few other ideas, I started playing with this new form factor, similar to the device Microsoft announced a while back ;) that I had the chance to design for lightly. If you know me you’ll know I always get a kick out of trying new things in new devices so bear with me and imagine a device you can personalize completely where hardware and software work together intertwined, not just coming to life through a black rectangle.

This is the rather cheerful version of this device, yellow themed with a back screen that trigger notes when the pencil comes closer to the display.


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