Mr. Hyde iPad App

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  1. Devin Halladay Devin Halladay

    Spent the past few hours designing this iPad app!
    It's an editor for GitHub pages that allows you to create, edit, and delete files (specifically posts) on your GitHub page.

    Download the free PSD here!

    Enjoy :)


    about 1 year ago

  2. Shad Romero Shad Romero

    This is nice. But when I tweeted to download it, it says the file is no longer available... How can I get the .PSD?

    8 months ago

  3. Devin Halladay Devin Halladay

    @Shad Romero hmmm...I'll look into that. I don't have the PSD locally anymore because my hard drive crashed, but I can probably try to dig it up for you.

    8 months ago

  4. Shad Romero Shad Romero

    Sounds good. I totally understand. If not no worries. I just wanted to study the layers and design methods you used. :)

    8 months ago

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