Wibbitz - Logo Animation Concept

Hello everybody!

So happy to share the great work we did with Wibbitz and their marketing team.

Firstly, sharing one of the unused animation concepts for the logo loader.

Wibbitz is an automated video creation company that empowers any team to produce professional short-form videos. With 3 locations in Tel Aviv, New York, and Paris, and $40m in funding, Wibbitz was ready to unify their marketing efforts under a more cohesive, enterprise orientated brand. Last year (June) Wibbitz partnered with Balkan Bros. to completely rebrand and launch Wibbitz’s new platform and product suite.

What is Wibbitz?
The Wibbitz online platform makes it quick and easy to create videos for social media, news & entertainment coverage, marketing, communications, recruitment, events and more. Creators have access to customizable video templates, drag-and-drop editing tools, a team of in-house experts, and millions of licensed photos, videos, and soundtracks.

How did we help?
Wibbitz wanted to come across as sophisticated, clean, simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Their messaging is geared towards ‘Freedom’ - this means freedom to create things yourself, freedom in the variety of videos you can make, the freedom you get from an all-in-one solution.

We integrated the essence of freedom and modularity into their logo mark with the addition of the play button integrated into the “W” shape representing their new brand. Together with the great team at Wibbitz we managed to align their brand identity and visual language with their evolving business needs.

In addition to the brand, we designed their new website, with illustrations, iconography, an updated color scheme and a general design system that will help their marketing team scale up with ease. Our development team integrated the website into a custom-built Wordpress CMS environment. We created custom modules, components, and elements, thusly having complete control to create new pages using the pre-existing design system in place.

Thanks to Hilary, James, Matt, and Demi for their help and guidance on achieving this milestone and for supporting our partnership in 2020.

Services provided:
• Branding (by Rokas and Julius)
• Creative Direction (by Filip)
• Web Design (by Filip and Wesley)
• Illustrations (Vicente)
• Animation (Stephane and Lucas)
• Front-end Development (by Donny)
• WP Integration and CMS setup (by Dalibor and Marino)



Posted on Feb 5, 2020
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