Tealet tea tin lid rendering

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Starting work on Tealet packaging.

Tealet wants to reveal their rebrand in June, and for their launch, they want to produce a wooden tea chest gift set which will hold 4 tins of tea.

The way Tealet operates is this:

Currently, customers can buy individual teas, but Tealet also offers a subscription service in which members can receive selected teas on a 2-month, 6-month, or yearly basis.

But as Tealet grows, they want to move further away from retail, and more into wholesale and distribution. They wish to keep their subscription-based service for the foreseeable future, but also want to provide teas from their own tea farms to retailers.

So, this tea chest gift set will go out to not only Tealet's subscribers, but also to their retailers, and their retailers will be encouraged to repurpose the tea tins by affixing their own branded labels to them (think Starbucks coffee packaged in Hilton-branded packaging in your hotel room).

Thus, the tins need to be flexible enough to allow for future retailer rebranding. Also, this gift set needs to be attractive and of a high enough caliber, that retailers will want to display the set (like in a case at a tea shop or café), and subscription customers will want to repurpose their tea chest and tins in their home (like storing loose spices in the tins).

This is the direction in which we're going with the tea tin lids. It employs a combination of embossed and debossed elements. The center circle is 2" in diameter, and will be left open so that future retailers may use this space for their own labeling. While the future retailer label will cover the 'hands' mark, the Tealet name and tea leaf pattern will be left unobscured, ensuring that Tealet branding is ever-present.

Tealet's labels will be an adhesive ribbon around the tin itself, along with some other creative packaging devices I'm working on. Stay tuned for all that stuff...

Check the attachment for artwork detail.

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