iShipz: Transportation Tracking App

Ishipz is a team of shipping and logistics experts having a cumulative experience of more than 30 years in the industry. Ishipz is working on building an integrated shipping delivery platform which will empower the shopper to shop without worrying about shipping hassles. Ishipz will collect the goods from various locations at one point and make it a single shipment in an economical way.
Ishipz will take care of material storage, coordination, collection from various locations and finally dispatch it in an automated tracked environment where customer can save money and expect assured delivery with automated status update. With the touch of a button and online tracking, the shopper who bought the items at different cities & locations, can ship all the items to his home country in a cost effective way as one consolidated shipment in a safe, secure environment and get a consistent information flow about the shipment.

We specialize in building and maintaining web applications and process solutions for a little over 15 years. We also specialize in developing mobile applications and e-commerce Solutions.

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1. App Development
2. Web Development
3. Software Development
4. E-commerce Solutions
5. IT maintenance & Support
6. IT Consulting
7. Brand Development


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