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  1. Chad Geran Chad Geran

    First off, this is the second time I've posted this image. A change in plans on the client's end required me to pull it down the first time.

    This is a detail of a poster for MoSo — Canada's mobile and social media conference and music festival. They approached me to develop a poster which would be used to promote the conference and the festival, but also to aesthetically inform other promotional materials.

    I started thinking about analogies to tech and music. I liked the idea that music is to tech what a monster is to a robot. One is based in passion and feeling, one on logic and order. 

    MoSo is, in many ways, a coming together of two ways of thinking. 

    So, with that in mind I started developing this idea of showing a hybrid or amalgamation of a robot and a monster. This supports the idea that collaboration creates something greater than the sum of its parts. Or, when you cross a monster with robot, it's awesome!

    Surrounding the creature are various objects and icons. Bacteria, amoebas, cells, computer chips, radio waves, music notes, electricity, instruments, etc. Multiple limbs suggest the multifaceted aspects of both tech and music.

    The design/illustration has been well received. I'm also really excited that it is being developed as a silkscreened print! Hurray!

    about 1 year ago

  2. Dan Burgess Dan Burgess

    This is great Chad. I missed it last time, so I'm glad it can go back online. It's also nice to hear some of your thinking behind the design decisions. This is some of your best work man! The half-tone really sets it off too, nice job!

    about 1 year ago

  3. Chad Geran Chad Geran

    Thanks so much, @Dan Burgess! :D

    about 1 year ago

  4. derric derric


    10 months ago

  5. derric derric

    So Cool!

    10 months ago

  6. Chad Geran Chad Geran

    Thanks, @derric !

    10 months ago

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