Smoothies Icon Time-lapse

Smoothies icon timelapse

A time-lapse of the iteration of the Filibaba Smoothies icon. It was made with a combination of Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

The idea for the icon started out more complex with both a straw and a vanilla bean. Those details only ended up making the icon more cluttered. Once they were removed, the glass could be moved further up and eventually to the left for a better composition.

It took a while to get the glass refraction right, I ended up actually making a glossy smoothies material rather than a glass container with smoothies material on the inside. Bubbles and gloss on the glass were made in Photoshop.

The tray is all Photoshop work.

The strawberries mostly Cinema 4D with some retouching and textures added in Photoshop. If I'd improve anything, it would be the way the seeds are placed on the strawberries. But I figured it such a slight detail that is lost on device anyway, that I let it pass for now.

Filibaba Smoothies is a free app for iPhone + iPad:


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