[GIF] Hidden Tab Bar Concept

Hidden tabbar concept

@Virgil Pana's shot is awesome. I've always wanted to do concept designs like that. So this is my first attempt at working with After Effects.


In the shot I rebounded, @Pedro Vieira commented that a hit target similar to that of iOS's Notification Center but on the bottom of the screen might provoke accidental swipes. I know I pull down Notification Center when I don't mean to often. So if this were true, how would we still hide the tab bar when not in use?

Pedro suggested moving the "grip" to a corner, like Path does with their share button. Now the hit target is something like 64 x 88 px on the left (or right) of the screen.

The big negative here is that the user loses context of where he is within the app. Sorta like fullscreen firefox, how it tries to hide the tabs from you until you mouse over the top? How many times do you mouse over just to see how many tabs you have open?

Where this might work is predominantly single screen apps like Path or Tweetbot.

Check out the full animation

• Icons by Symbolicons
• Special Thanks to @Pedro Vieira (@W1TCH_ on Twitter)

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