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jQuery Banner Rotator WordPress Plugin featuring multiple transitions that supports text effects for captions. The thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your banners / ads.

You can check out this WordPress Plugin at the live preview.
Available for purchase on CodeGrape for just $15!

Features Included:

- Easy plugin installation for WordPress
- Responsive (8 Level), FullWidth or Fixed modes are available
- Images and thumbnails can be dynamically resized
- Resizable and configurable through the plugin’s parameters and CSS file
- Multiple Transitions are available. Also you can set a different transition per slide.
- Flexible transition Speed and Easing
- Public API to control the slider externally (play, stop, previous, next, jump to slide, count, events for slider and videos)
- Able to load unlimited number of images, each with customizable text description, tooltip, and hyperlink
- Show or hide components, including play/pause button, directional buttons, thumbnails, text panel, tooltip and shadow
- Can set to automatically play on startup with customizable timer delay. Also, can set a different time delay for each slide
- You can set the slider to play once and stop at the end of the slide
- Randomize to show items in a random order
- You can change Timer type to Clock / Line . Timer position (bottom, top) for line type timer and stop timer on mouseover
- Banner, thumbnails and buttons are all resizable
- Embed links and images inside html text description box
- Configurable tooltip for each thumbnail
- Block & stripe sizes are configurable
- jQuery conflict free plugin
- Unlimited caption layers
- Captions with text/html, image and video can be easily created
- Unlimited slides supported
- Mouse wheel scrolling supported
- Mobile touchscreen supported
- Banner select by mouseover / click option
- Horizontal / vertical alignment of thumbnails and buttons
- YouTube & Vimeo videos are supported with Autoplay option
- Video playback to stop the timer
- Set Link and Target per slide
- Select 3 different Shadow Types or hide the shadow
- Images and thumbnails can be dynamically resized
- SEO optimized and semantic, images are indexable, completely any tag names for markup, captions can use any tag you want
- Help file is included

Caption Text Effects:

- Supports HTML, Images or Text formatting
- You can change animation direction, offset, start-end time, speed and delay via content parameters
- Set Randomrotate, Slide, Fade for Captions
- Set Link Within the Slides via Captions

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