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We've worked together with Big Sky Health team to build Less, a neat app that is all about mindfulness around drinking and personal goals.

We wanted to create a judgment-free zone for people who’d like to be more aware of their actions related to drinking. To conceptualize it, we devised a metaphor on a marine environment, creating two characters, Les and Leslie, that accompany the users on their trip through more mindful drinking.

We’ve depicted the objectives the user has in the short and long term through the animation of the characters and their environment. If the users exceed the amount of alcohol they want to consume, Les and Leslie find themselves in a raging sea and don't feel good at all. However, if the consumption fits the users' goals, they will enjoy a sweet journey with a calm sea.

The main challenge designing Less was actually to develop the mechanics of changing scenarios when the users log drinks into the app since there were more than 20 different possibilities!

We worked with After Effects for the animations and integrated them into the app using Lottie, a tool we are totally in love with because it breaks down the barriers between designers and developers.

📖 Read the story at Medium: Less is more: Designing a digital solution for mindful alcohol consumption

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Kudos to Fran Pulido for such a great illustration work, and Luisa Jara for the cool animations.

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