Three Dribbble Invites!

Three Dribbble Invites!

Drafted So Far:
Collin Joyce
Andrew Gaewski 
Tyler Rolfe

Welcome Prospects!
I remember the days of searching for invites too and I'm here to help. I've set up a few "rules" to get you a invite.

1. You should be signed up as a prospect if you aren't already, I can't really help you if you are not signed up.
2. You must follow me on dribbble (if your feeling courteous to reach out on other networks as well feel free!). Note: This betters your chances quite a bit!
3. You must be willing and accepting that you are joining a community in which you will actively help better the world of design. (Hopefully!)
4. You need to submit your "request" by April 1st (This is not a April Fool's Joke)
5. Have Fun!

Now onto the "request"

Send me a email at containing:
-Dribbble Profile
-Portfolio link
-Attach your absolute best piece
-A sample dribbble shot (Optional)

Please do your fellow budding designers a favor and share this so others may have a chance as well and like this shot so a budding prospect will see it on the popular page!

Good luck to all the contestants and I await your work!

Social Links:

Also if your interested check out my social network, YouTell!

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