Scotty Russell

Kobe Bryant Tribute Portrait Illustration

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Mamba Mentality: If you want to be great, you have to put in the work. ▪️🐍⁣

A part of me died yesterday. Kobe Bryant was my hero dating all the way back to Elementary School as I'd have posters I'd rip out from Slam Magazine plastered on my walls.⁣

Every time I shot a crumbled piece of paper into the trash or threw dirty laundry into a basket, I'd yell "Kobe."⁣

I'd practice fadeaway jumpers in my driveway while counting down 3...2...1... pretending I'm hitting the game-winner like the Black Mamba.⁣

I've had two dogs in my life named after Kobe.⁣

When my son dunked for the first time on the hoop we got him this past Christmas, I shouted "Kobe" as I was beaming with pride.⁣

It's hard to speak of one of my biggest influences in life in the past tense.⁣

He was more than basketball to me, watching his tenacity and passion growing up fueled my drive to be the best at what I did and to NEVER CHEAT ON MY POTENTIAL.⁣

He inspired me to inspire others and help them tap into their potential which compelled be to pursue coaching today.⁣

My soul is crushed and drawing this is really the only way I know how to cope at the moment.⁣

RIP to him, his daughter Gigi, and the 7 other souls that were extinguished too soon during yesterday's tragedy.⁣

Much love to you Kobe...Mamba out. 😭🏀⁣

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