Bartosz Krupka

t mobile banking services

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Few years ago my e"go" was srsly high. I wanted design independent banking ecosystem from scratch. Trully, almost impossible. Almost. Forute and lots of amazing circmustatnces happened that one day I started work in one of the biggest world Telecome. T-mobile. That time in Poland (special in telecom industry) was hype for searching new strategies sources of income. One of ideas were to mix telecom services with banking…. And… its came Bart… I got a role a Chief Designer Officer, and the challenge was build entire banking ecosystem ready for scaling for other countries. We have two option. Hire agency or design it in-house… We choose do it by ourself. That decidion changed my life… I found how it is work rly rly hard, under big time pressure and serious money (milions of dollars)… I had that privilege to work with high classes profesional - the best of the best - and I am very appreciated of that … I learnt so many things that I even could imagine (test, chaos management, security, system thinking, procedures, heavy testing, and many many more)… and realised a lot things about myself… It was my hero journey, thank you guys to be part of that… On the design level… We designed web app in RWD, 3 independent apps iOS, Android, WindowsPhone. We provides lots off tests, benchmarks, you’re journeys. We designed from scratch our guidliens for all platforms as a part of atomic design concept. And many many many more...

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