Created in-house with Cinnamon Toast New Media Inc.

The one that flew away... This mark was created for a company that specializes in monitoring real-time deliveries on a global scale. The goal was to hone in on the core values and services the company offers its customers with an emphasis on speed and accuracy. The challenge was to produce a flat organic mark that maintained perspective depth and 3-dimensional qualities that would allow the negative space to help fill in the gaps. The initial idea revolved around a “bird’s eye view” and how advantageous such a sight would be from a customer standpoint. The peregrine falcon, one of the fastest living creatures in the world, served as an accurate representation of the company’s standard level of service. Fusing this visual with a location pin housed within the breast of the bird was an opportune solution considering the nature of the business. The glaring look could also be interpreted as a playful attempt to ward off the company’s competitors.

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