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DailyUI #18 sketch challenge

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DailyUI #18 sketch challenge app dailyui

For 30 days, no computer and no software. Just paper and pens and 15-30 minutes. Feedback always welcome.

Daily UI #18- analytics
I'm having a hard time not turning these UI challenges into UX challenges. The idea is to make the meal planning app more useful. Does it encourage the user to keep planning? Does it show the user suggestions for similar recipes or influencers? Does it show the user the general nutritional benefits of the foods they prepare-- so could it tell someone to swap an unhealthy ingredient for a healthy one?

The app I currently use is great but could use a little help. I know
I plan the same recipes over and over but maybe I'd like suggestions on how I can change it up. Or maybe I love these meals so much that the app could create the menu for me!
(The app I use populates a shopping list for each recipe, so perhaps it could learn the price of the ingredients and offer budget-based recommendations!)

Talk with me through this! https://twitter.com/jomamaliza/status/1221107603662671874?s=20

See attachments for brainstorm.

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