Silvije Durdevic

Supplement label design

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Design Goals & Objectives:
- Design pattern in the background. This can be using the logo with some pattern.
- Different front panel text options, we are looking for a possible change from the slanted broken arrow text on the front panel.
- Plain text to depict the numerical callouts such as the Dymatize labels.
- Artistic concise illustration depicting the information on the side panels. Please reference image with lightning bolt.
- Flavor splash only for protein, but simple flavor logos.
- Different colored design elements based on the flavor of the product.
- Qr code on the back panel to lead customers quickly to our site.
- More legible text font for customers to clearly see name & description of product.
- Elements in the c4 tub(attached) are highly encouraged to use when designing
- We want this brand to be perceived as a high-end tough brand
- Tasteful chrome highlights & accents.

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