Jim Kennelly

--2/52-- Art Smart's Dart Mat & Juggling Emporium

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Yes, you read that correctly. This place is uniquely Milwaukee... more specifically uniquely Brady Street. It opened on April fool’s day 1985. Even Art Smart himself couldn’t ignore the giant gap in the market for.... well... juggling supplies, darts, kites, flying discs and other gravity cheating devices. Of course he’s expanded his assortment over the years. Care for some chattering teeth? Some fake poop? Or perhaps just a classic rubber chicken fits your needs. No matter what the occasion, A.S.D.M.A.J.E. Has got your back. Its 100% a must see if you’re in Milwaukee. It’s one of those places stuck in time in the best kind of way. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well done, Art. 🎯

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