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025 - Siuroma Character Design

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Keyword: Identity

For every company in the world, no matter you are in a consumer-facing or b2b model, a clear identity or image is a very crucial part of brand development. You can see most of the company or campaign will create a mascot as the representation to reinforce their brand image into customers' minds.

Companies love to use mascots rather than hiring a superstar as their representative because the mascot is controllable. It will not get sick, it will say and act whatever you want. All you need to do is to assemble good illustrators and great concepts into the design team.

The concept of a mascot is not that suitable for a personal brand if the founder wants to become the key opinion leader. This is exactly what we are facing when helping Siuroma to work on their instruction guideline website and leaflet. We eventually create a certain amount of hand-drew illustration of the founder and apply the illustration across their product and service. This is kind of like a semi-mascot, differentiable and at the same time, it is controllable.

By Kevin Hon Chi Hang on 2020/01/24

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