Laura Bouchez


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Hi there, here is my participation for Daily UI challenge. I've choosen to redesign the Closet website. Normally it's white/black/cream but I've tried something a bit different. I've never seen a website with these colors associations. I like this print combination, so I asked myself "why not in web design ?" Also, I would like to see more illustrations outside flat design, so there it is.

Also, this challenge gives opportunities for designers to create and be more productive. As it's every day, we can't spend all day on, so maybe it's not perfect. It is lacking in space or research on typography, or maybe you hate the color associations, you don't like the layout, or etc… On this one, I only spent 2hours and I'm really happy to share the outcome. Even if it's not perfect.

Also, my English is not perfect but as everything, I'm trying and I'm working on! Hope you enjoy this creation and I will be happy to know what you think about :)

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