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Roamni Redesign - Payouts & Tours

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Hi Dribbblers 👨🏼‍💻

Roamni is an app where users can create and listen to map-guided stories and audio tours. They came to us with an existing app that we then redesigned and simplified for their users.

Today we are sharing the Payout screen and Tour Details.

The Payout screen started out as a table that didn't have a lot of terms of alignment and style or show key bits of information a user would be interested in seeing. We reworked this into something that is easier to view and hid all the extra detail until the users actually needed to see it.

The Tour Details was something that needed a fair bit of work. Where we grouped the information by priority for the user and placed this into a bottom sheet. Which then opened up the ability to allow viewing all the available tours on a map and the user can click through the different pins to quickly skim through what they may be interested in by location.

We have a few more shots coming for this project so keep an eye out!

- Heinrich Bezuidenhout
- Kristopher Ryan

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