Rome Ionic - Roman Glamour typeface

Rome Ionic is a serif display font inspired by architectural features in ancient Roman building columns, the Ionic columns are taller and slender compared to ‘Doric and Corinthian’. On the Ionic Capitol column, there is a geometric spiral like a paper roll. These elements that we analogize into this roman style font The base of this font is serif shaped more slender and towering, equipped with 8-18 stylistic set alternate, alternate this is the development of the basic shape that we add spiral ornaments to the left and right. This serif font’s characteristic is soft and simple, not sharp and complicated like Doric and Corinthian. The composition of the softness of the basic and alternate fonts does not reduce the splendour of this font. we complement this font with support for the Latin extend as an analogy from the Roman region This font is perfect for ‘impressive luxury and power’ designs. With this font, your branding will show the robustness and refute the splendour of other products.

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