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My Workspace

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A sneak peek of an experimental AR project "My Workspace". What is My workspace?

The idea of my workspace is to help find and identify things around your workspace. e.g the color, category of things and their usage. We have talked to people who struggle understanding colors and this struggle varies from person to person. Also, it's not just about people who struggle to see colors, it's for everyone, especially artists or people who have this rush of things or items in their studios or offices. Every workspace has different clusters of objects which makes it difficult to find the desired item, sometimes your desired item is sitting in front of you yet you spent a good amount of time searching it, could be a rubber or a specific color on your table with 20 or 50 other items.
Aiming to address these issues we have come up with an idea of an AR application that would help scan and find and identify things in your workspace.

About Branding, we wanted our viewer to experience the absence of colors and the crowded feel of a workspace but we didn't want to scare them away so we designed a crowded layout of desaturated items blending in a very lite and subtle manner. Wouldn't this be nice if your things are one tap away from you or you don't have to ask another person whether you are applying the right color or not? To better understand I will post a video demo for this as well, so stay connected.

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