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Hi everyone.
After almost 20 years of design practice, i'm moving into a new direction: I recently pivoted my org Kuroneko to a freelance collective and we're specializing into eco-dev, ethical design and more broadly into a group producing very low (to non existent) impact websites and products.

I've been lingering for years to find the right balance between my pro life and my eco-militant life, i guess fusing the two together was the right move.

This project here is one of a few i've been working on lately, and still is WIP. You can see there are no images, no videos, nothing that can create additional energy consumption on the servers, as well as a very simple and to the point architecture. Three colors, one font with just three weights.

Low—web is an open source initiative from our collective and is making browser extensions to give you an easy way of lowering the carbon footprint of your internet browsing, as well as tools to block highly polluting orgs like Amazon, Facebook, Google etc.

--> Firefox (beta)

--> Chrome (beta)

Designing very low impact projects is not something super researched and executed, but i hope you'll be interested in the few examples i'll be posting for the time being.

Work with us:

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Posted on Jan 22, 2020

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