Goals 2020 App design

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I'm finally starting of with Lauren's Annual #homworkchallenge

In this week's challenge we were supposed to sort-out our habits from 2019.
Keep : These are all the things that worked like a charm for me ! 1. Health over burn out.

I achieved the mammoth task of loosing 25 kgs in span of one year and balanced work by focus only on the work I love doing ! i.e App designing
2. Focus on App design.
After reading " Built to sell" I was convinced that the only way to stand out is to focus on that one thing you can really scale. I figured that UI design has been my passion since a while and I should really stop taking up all other kinds of projects and give this one a shot !
Ended up doing 2 microsites for
Swiggy, an ecommerce website, a n international schools website and a user experience and UI for an Insurance - Tech app !
Donate : It's best to donate the say yes to all kinds of work once you know where you want to head to. I always felt I was most creative at night but I was always more productive in the morning with a good night's sleep.. creativity will always follow on a well slept mind.
Toss : Things that clearly pulled me down was the personal body shaming.. and the only way I turned things around was when I said and felt good vibes for myself.

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