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We've just finished the entire project for Rahul Dev 💡. We are just going to the web development process. 🙌

Rahul Dev is a leading Patent Attorney and Technology Business Lawyer managing a team of 30+ lawyers with offices across US, Europe and Asia Pacific advising clients regarding protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights) along with Commercial Law Practice (M&A, Business Advisory).

What is a patent? It is an idea 💡 for something that no one else has ever invented. We were guided by this idea when designing the new Rahul Dev website - with key visual we wanted to show something that has an indefinite form that someone shapes and develops. 🤔 At the same time, abstract shapes are supposed to refer to cerebral ganglia.

Soon more, stay tuned! 🙌

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Enjoy and have a nice day! 🚀

Custom UI designs converted to a WordPress site

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