Paper Realty Branding & Logo

Branding for Paper Realty.

Paper Realty will be investing in a niche within the real estate space, purchasing mortgages (also called “notes”). They don't buy property – they effectively act like a bank by buying the mortgage contract (i.e. the “paper”), which then makes them a lender and gives them the right to any payments that the borrower makes on the loan.

The idea behind the name.... When you buy a mortgage, you are said to own the “paper” – which refers to the paper contract that is tied to the physical home. Also, many real estate companies that invest in properties have the term “realty” in their name. Therefore, the phrase “Paper Realty” implies that one holds a collection of ‘paper properties’ in the sense that one buys contracts that are tied to physical property.

The logo combine a house with a folder corner, implying paper.

“This was my second time going to Jacob for branding, and both times the results were great. I’ll be proud to display my new logo and identity, and I’m glad to have found a designer that’s both easy to work with and so good at what they do. Compare his portfolio to others and the choice is very clear - I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."
- A. Wright

Posted on Jan 22, 2020
Jacob Cass
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