The Double Delete

The Double Delete

A small part of the UI of that thing at work, but this is probably one of my favourites.

While we've worked really hard to make the process of creating visualisations as easy and intuitive as possible, the nature of the data driving them necessitates a bit of setup. With this in mind, we came up with what we've labelled the 'double delete' button.


@Jimmy had some great input, which I'll be putting in place tomorrow. I've amended the function write-up to match his suggestion:

It works like this: The top state is the button itself, this sits unobtrusively in the bottom right corner of each tile's settings pane. On hover, the button expands to show the red 'Delete' state - click once and you get the green 'Are you sure?' state - another click and the tile is gone.

So all told, you need to click the button twice to delete the tile. Hopefully this will stop any accidental deletions.

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