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Skateboard process aniimated

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Let me know when I'm being overkill @Rogie but I was inspired by your shot and thought instead of watching all the processes, I'd contribute. - this is a work in progress

Last night I felt a bit lost in my style. The past few weeks I've been doing a lot of web design and not much time for illustration which made me feel lost and non productive. So i wanted to get back to what i loved to do.

I try not to jump STRAIGHT into illustrator if i can help it because I feel cheap if i do. So I sketched for a bit, trying to do a self portrait of myself skateboarding. I sketched a while and threw some away and redid it, which is tough for me.

I brought it into photoshop, cleaned up the lines a bit (mainly levels) and started tracing in illustrator and left a few reference skateboarding photos around my canvas. After getting a general outline, i ditched the sketch layer and just started having fun and making my own details. I had a blast and am not close to done, but love the way it's coming out.

So there you have it, a real lazy and quick (ive gotta get some work done) process shot of a illustration from last night :)

I'll upload more of it as it goes along.

Attaching a larger shot of the canvas too.

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