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Moving World: Edition 1

170mm x 245mm
58 pages
Published in 2019

Moving World - a magazine published by us shares insiders' perspectives on the creative ideas, businesses and technologies that are moving the world. Cross-sense interrogates what this world looks like — now and in the near future — through the combined lenses of creativity, business and technology. This edition comes in three sections. The first, Trajectory, investigates the competitive landscape of the dynamic emerging market and identify opportunities for those operating in it. In Encounters, we speak to the creators, artists and researchers exploring the intersection of real and imagined spaces. Imaginings, as the name suggests, aims to show us not just what is probable but what may be possible.

Here’s to a journey of crossing worlds and crossing senses.

Printed in the UK on 100% recycled, carbon neutral paper
Staple bound
Offset printing in CMYK with neon spot colour

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