Hello everyone👋

In recent years Airbnb has proved the power of the ‘sharing economy’. Modern technology has made it profitable, safe, and easy to open up your real estate to others.

But why stop there? And that's how the idea came about ⭐Premium⭐ car sharing🚗.

This application allows for the rental of premium cars for a precise number of days, and even hours, specified by the customer’s need. ⏱ Users can browse a list of vehicles and filter them by the type, brand, price, range, fuel consumption, etc. and see the results in their local area 🧭.

The application also has a built-in bonus system with a loyalty card that allows regular user to collect loyalty points 🎉👍.

We created a minimalist design, with a subdued palette, so that the user can focus on the stars—the cars on offer.

Safe travels!

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