»Olive Pesto« Packaging ...

 olive pesto  packaging ...

... packaging design concept for the gift box for my homemade canned »Olive Pesto«. – I use to make it each year for friends, family and myself.

Since it’s hard to share the »Pesto« on Dribbble, find here my personal ingredients (for pasta and bruschetta):

... Italian olives from Liguria, called »Taggiasca« 30% and from Lazio, called »Nera di Gaeta« 70%;
... basil leaves (fine chopped);
... garlic (fine chopped);
... green pepper (fresh milled | coarse);
... sea salt;
... capers (fine chopped);
... high quality olive oil (I use »Brisighella DOP«);

Now »my secrets«:
… salted anchovies (fine chopped);
… blanched almonds (fine chopped);
… Sambuca (anise-flavored liqueur | not too much, add slowly and taste);

What I can share here, is the »olive branch«, which I created for the gift box. In case you like it, find it here as vector graphic (.ai, .eps, .svg): Download Olive Branch

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