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Accesselite Patient App (Live 🤳)

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We’ve been working nonstop with Accesselite to improve their Web, Mobile, and Web app Experience.

Company Details:

AccessElite is the first-of-its-kind comprehensive health and wellness
membership program centered around empowering consumers to easily obtain and engage in their total wellbeing. Our products and services provide consumers with direct and immediate access to an elite network of health and wellness specialists and eventually products to ensure each and every person is able to live well every day.

With the AccessElite App you can:

• Book same-day or next-day appointments with the click of a button with our network of elite physicians and wellness specialists
• Direct message your doctor post-appointment directly from their profile page or by viewing your appointment history
• Curate your team of physicians and specialists by favoring the ones you like and adding them to your team
• Upload your insurance cards and drivers license to expedite your check-in and check-out experience
• Contact our member services team with the click of a button to assist with any of your healthcare experience needs
• Get access to transparent and discounted pricing for all wellness specialists

Our main goals for the app are as follows:
1) Extremely easy & intuitive.
2) Extremely easy to book appointments, find specialists, and see their upcoming appointments.
3) We also are trying to build in features (phase 2) to increase user engagement in the app.
4) Building new features that will allow the user to interact with the app outside of simply making appointments.
5) We are also working on collecting personal information so we can make it more personalized. These features will be coming 🙂

You can check the live version here: IOS APP | ANDROID APP



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