Melissa Keizer

Redesigning Thrive's Mobile Experience

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Last year I worked on redesigning Thrive's mobile employee communications app with my fellow Product Team colleagues at Thrive. Before diving into wireframing or UI work, we consulted customer data and feedback about our current app to highlight a few areas for improvement.

The main themes that arose included keeping the design very visual and intuitive, make new content easily discoverable and allow our customers to make their company brand more prominent throughout the app.

The new UI incorporates both and vertical and horizontal scrolling interactions within the main content menu to enhance user exploration, and the traybar navigation and swipe-able lists mean users can navigate through the app with ease.

Now with company logos being displayed proudly at the top of the home-screen, and their brand colours featuring in backgrounds and traybar icons, the app feels far more customised to the organisation.

Read more about the changes we made to the app and why on my website: Thrive Mobile Redesign Case Study

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