Back To Pencil Sketching

After I.D. sketching in pen/marker for quite a few clients, and a heavy amount of wacom/mouse usage, I felt an itch to get back to pencils. (Specifically, sketching in some soft prismacolors.) Since it had been a while, I decided to backsketch/practice a little first (lest I drop some rusty sketches on a client).

It felt great, and got me thinking about how pencil matches the malleability of ideas at the sketching level. (As opposed to pen sketches, which I feel some clients see akin to a rendering.) Pen and marker sketching might be doing us a disservice by seeming too refined, too early in ideation. Who knows? I'll try this with a few clients and see if reactions are different.

PS. This was a mahogany laptop stand I designed a while back. It was fun to re-draw an old friend of sorts.

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