Visualisation settings

A settings widget for something at work.

A few notes on interaction and function:

* This is the reverse side of a simple data visualisation. Once the settings cog in the upper right corner on the other side is pressed, the widget flips around to reveal some basic settings.
* The red arrow in the top right will return you to the front chart without saving any changes - basically a cancel action.
* The checkbox, once a change is detected, turns green and once clicked saves changes and returns you to the front chart.
* The first field is the chart name, this can be changed at will.
* The next section gives you the option of selecting an accent colour for the widget - this choice is reflected in both the selection graph, slider active range and front chart.
* The graph below is a copy of the front chart - it allows you to select a timeframe within the last 24 hours and refine (and re-render) the front chart using the sliders. This lets you focus on a specific time-period, be it a moment of high activity, or a sudden drop in activity.

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