Gannon Burgett Photography Logo

Gannon Burgett Photography Logo

When I first started photography, I knew the significance of building a brand. With Gannon Burgett Photography as the name, I started sketching out logo. While my father was home for lunch one summer day him and I came up with the basic look for the lowercase "gbp" on the back of a paper plate. While it's gone through three iterations, this is the current one.

It's meant to be reversible, but for presentation I much prefer it white over one of my photographs. This particular photograph was taken in Nortern Michigan on Portra 400 in my Contax 645. I converted it to monochrome in ACR7.

I also realize it's eerily identical to the Graph Paper Press logo. However, when I designed it in the summer of 2007, Graph Paper Press wasn't in existence. I figured I'd give a preemptive disclaimer though.

Critique away.

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