Hold on to Your Butts...


Thought I'd post something up since I haven't in ages. I spent much of 2011 working extremely long hours with a full time job and on a long string of freelance work for Opera Software (where a few things were posted here) on the side. I spent 2012 focusing almost entirely on my work at Opera as a full-time employee and taking it easy in my free time after spending so long wearing myself out. I'd like to spend some of my free time in 2013 illustrating again as I haven't done a serious illustration in over 2 years now.

This is for a redesign of my weblog that began nearly 3 years ago that I never got around to doing. I posted some shots on here back then for something that looked completely different than this here. Since then I've changed my mind not just about the design but the entire focus of it and have done numerous iterations since. I'm wanting to make it more of a portfolio in blog form of mostly my illustrations instead of just writing about whatever comes to my mind as is the case now.

I'm much closer to completion than I've ever been. Hopefully I can finish sometime this century...

Oh, I don't much care for Lorem Ipsum anymore, so I used some Samuel L. Jackson quotes for filler content. :D

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